Pronounced: IBD Deh-sees

IBDesis’ mission is to create resources, education and awareness for South Asians around the world living with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and/or stomas to minimize the cultural stigma and normalise the diagnosis in addition to treatment and/or surgery.

We are a global platform created by a team of South Asians from within South Asia and the diaspora. We are dedicated to uniting & empowering South Asians living with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s & ulcerative colitis) from all over the world.

Why South Asians? According to recent studies, the number of South Asians living with IBD around the world is rapidly increasing yet we remain restricted due to the stigma and cultural taboos along with the ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ (What Are People Going to Say?) rhetoric. As such, many of us have experiences from delays to diagnosis and treatment, to extremes such as denial, in addition to facing mental health challenges around coping with this invisible illness. Team IBDesis aims to shatter this stigma and provide the support necessary for patients and caregivers to live fuller lives in spite of the debilitating intersections of culture and disease.

Patients and caregivers are most welcome to join our closed and private Facebook group below, which aims to provide education and support to our fellow South Asians living with IBD and other digestive conditions. Alternatively, you can click below to see where else you can find IBDesis. Feel free to contact us at ibd.desis@gmail.com.

00:03 – Surakhsha – English 01:04 – Tina – Hindi 02:34 – Omma – Urdu 03:39 – Madhura – Tamil 04:45 – Shan – Gujarati 05:54 – Chaitanya – Telegu 07:08 – Anonymous – Kannada 08:05 – Ruchita – Marathi 09:03 – Gaurav – Bengali 10:34 – Harman – Punjabi
World IBD day Facebook live chat with Dr Nandi, talking about experiences and the importance of breaking this stigma we South Asians face