Walking away is self care

This particular post isn’t specifically for those with a chronic illness. This is one is for everyone, especially those who are struggling with a decision regarding a certain aspect of their life.

As humans and more so empaths, we make such a big deal out of walking away. For some people, it’s actually really easy and I wish it was that easy for everyone! We may feel like it’s an act of failure or we may worry about being selfish or hurting other people’s feelings. Let me tell you one thing that you may or may not already know, no one is obliged to make you happy and you have every right to leave. If you are made to feel bad for doing so, don’t let that stop you because you will not feel bad for long. It’s entirely your choice to take control.

Be it a relationship, friendship, job, town, or even country.

One of the hardest things to realise is when it’s the right time to walk away from something that no longer serves you.

When to walk away:

When you’re burnt out – physically/mentally drained
There’s no communication
You’re thinking about it too much and/or stressing over it
You’re spending more time unhappy
No understanding

There may be some losses such as friends/family/colleagues and that’s okay. Your feelings and your energy comes first and no one is going to look out for you more than yourself.

If you feel like leaving totally or cutting things off is a bit of a step too far, take a break and see how things go. At the end of the day, you’re doing what is right for you and you shouldn’t be made to feel like that’s a wrong decision to make.

Your happiness should be what matters the most to you.

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