Body confidence with a stoma

As the majority of you know, I’ve had a stoma for over 4 years now and for the past couple of years I have been wanting to do a little photoshoot to boost my self-esteem and remind myself that I can be both confident in myself and look great with a stoma.

When I was told I was going to have a bag for the rest of my life, it didn’t really register at first. I never thought about how I would look and I certainly never thought about whether I’d be able to look good or feel confident ever again. It took time but eventually, I accepted my new body and the way I looked. Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes grieve my flat, bagless tummy but truth be told if I chose not to have a stoma I most likely wouldn’t be here today.

The aim of the shoot was to feel good about the way I look now, to uplift other women and show them that you can still be sexy with a stoma!

You can see a few of my favourites below…

Photographer: Emmanuel Mah 
Instagram: mlbvision

Having this photoshoot helps me with my not so confident days, I’ll take a look at them and remember how much of a baddie I felt like. I look amazing and I’m so happy to have done this. I really hope this reaches someone and helps them accept their new body too. Remember, you can have a stoma and still be sexy. Be proud, be confident, be positive.

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