Go-to remedies

I’m not about that holistic treatment lifestyle or anything but I do prefer more the au-natural versions of relieving pain. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s that bad I will resort to medication, however, I will always try and avoid it if possible. Nevertheless, seeking a source of comfort and relief is mandatory no matter what the pain is and how mild or severe it is. I thought it might be worth sharing my ways on my remedies for when I’m not feeling myself.

  • Hot water bottle – I love this for pain and even when I have a cold or the flu, hot water bottles help any situation. It’s good for viruses as being warm makes you sweat out the toxins.
  • Ginger and lemon tea – both ginger and lemon have healing properties or properties that aid good health should I say, add a spoon of honey (a natural source of sugar, bonus) and you’re good to go.
  • Warm oil with a clove – this sounds weird but honestly, this cures all earaches for me, it’s an old-school remedy that was introduced to me by my mum from an early age.
  • Ginger juice – chesty cough? Grate around half an inch to an inch of ginger root and squeeze the juice so you end up with a tablespoon. Take this once a day until your symptoms ease (or in my case, completely go). An inexpensive, foolproof alternative to nasty cough syrup!
  • Milk and turmeric – again, introduced to me at a very young age, I will always have this when I need some comfort and healing. Turmeric is known for its anti-oxidant property.
  • Hot water and lemon – a Godsend for daily hydration, even if I’m just feeling a bit sluggish this picks me right up. I also use fruits to flavour my water such as berries, clementine, mint. It keeps it tasty and there are loads of combinations so I don’t get bored.
  • Peppermint tea/peppermint water – this helps beat that awful, uncomfortable bloated feeling.

I hope you find this interesting and useful. If you decide you fancy an alternative way to healing, give these a go and let me know how you get on!

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