The infamous insomnia

Insomnia – noun

  1. habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.
synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness;

For some sleep comes easy, effortless almost. For others, it doesn’t come without its difficulties. More often than not, I suffer from fatigue which is the opposite of insomnia. I rarely experience insomnia these days but I have experienced it a lot in the past when on prednisolone (a steroid).  Sometimes, with everything I have going on at the minute, my lifestyle is quite hectic and constantly busy. Because of this, there tends to be times when I wish I had insomnia! I say this, but when I experienced it I would get annoyed and frustrated especially at night when I just wanted to sleep.

It’s hard to help insomnia; sleeping tablets were a definite no for me. For me, I’d get an urge to do something like start cleaning, tidying or re-arrange my wardrobe. As this wasn’t really convenient at 10’o’clock at night, I’d have to do something else. So, my go-to ‘activities’ to help insomnia are:

Read – you can never go wrong with this one, though I sometimes ended up finishing off a whole book

Watch a film/series

Play games on my phone

Browse social media (this and playing a game is something I try not to do as I’m trying to cut down on screen time)

Word-searches – I have a big book of these which always help

I haven’t had insomnia for quite a while but I feel like it’s something worth addressing as it’s not easy to deal with.

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